COVID – Important Documents

Rockefeller Foundation – LOCKSTEP (Scenarios For The Future)
MICROSOFT PATENT # WO 2020 060606 – International Application
MICROSOFT PATENT # WO 2020 060606 – Final Treaty (PCT)
More documents relating to MICROSOFT’S patent # World Order 2020 666
TRACE ACT (H.R. 6666)
Banking For All Act – Proposal To Digitize Currency
Department of Health – Mandatory Isolation Form
PANCAP Adapted U.S. Government Covid-19 Response Plan (DHHS)
United Nations Convention on Privileges and Immunities

Gates Foundation founds global vaccine action plan with niaid (dr. fauci) & who (un)
Global Vaccine Action Plan (WHO – UN)
Immunization Agenda 2030 (WHO – UN)
Immunization Monitoring & Surveillance (WHO – UN)
Strategic Response Plan 2020-2025 (World Bank – UN)
COVID-19 Genome Modification (Introduction by Dr. Li Meng-Yan)
Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 (UN)
Population Sustainability 2030 (UN)