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The Texas Bullion Depository will be the first in the nation, but not the last!

As the Federal Reserve has siphoned nearly all of American’s wealth and is preparing to enforce a cryptocurrency slave apocalypse where the drugged down masses are made equally cashless and forced into servitude with chips implanted in their brains that control their credit level for their central “health-care benefits,” Texas has taken a stand for the children of their state and the children of the future, and more states need to do the same thing!

Texas has taken the first step for America to walk back to freedom and prosperity before it’s stolen from all the future generations. A state that didn’t forget the purpose of America in the preamble of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence!

If New Mexico would simply make the appropriate reforms by adopting the Texas model, then we would have four states connected where gold and silver could efficiently circulate as legal tender because Arizona and Utah have already passed the appropriate legislation. They only need to set up their depositories.

If New Mexico and Idaho would both follow along with their neighbors of Utah, Arizona and Texas, then there will be 5 states in America which are connected from Canada to Mexico where gold and silver may be efficiently circulated once again!

God bless the U.S.A. and God bless the great states of Texas, Arizona and Utah for finally catching our nation up to speed with the illegal overthrow of our sovereignty which has gone unchallenged and unacknowledged for over 8 decades since 1933 by any state in the America.

Texan’s pay less for education but have a better curriculum where children can take classes in robotics in public middle schools so that our species can be one step ahead when the power of evil and insanity returns to feast on the vulnerable who worked their lives for those who would centralize their power against them in the end; those who cremated their care in ritual to unleash AI death machines upon civilization as the new rulers and god figure. The death merchants…

This is the change that we need in our states and that’s permitted by our 10th Amendment. This is the change that we can’t wait on the bureaucrats in D.C. to make for us or the banks in NY. This is the change that shines forever and was the reason for Brexit where Britain chose to uphold their pound and abandon the collapsing Euro which is similar to Federal Reserve Dollar notes.

All those years of Ron Paul speaking out and those that broadcast outside the FCC regulated radio and TV stations who supported him have made this movement possible. Them, and finally, the congress of Texas with the support of their Governor in 2015, Greg Abbott! A governor who trusts in God to protect humanity more than the bureaucrats in D.C. -Unlike Jay Inslee who’s helping impoverish the population of Washington State! A Governor who to force tax on groceries and oxygen. How will children survive in a fictional utopia that’s just a dictatorship? Washington State’s economy should be as strong as in Texas, or even greater.



The beginning of Utah’s Specie Legal Tender Act that shifted the tide in the U.S. for the first time in 8 decades since 1933 when FDR signed EO 6102 which was an act of treason that had yet to be challenged…. Until now! And just in time.. We’re one step away from the literal abolition of pennies and the only coins available will be aluminum if we don’t reform our monetary policy!

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With three states now leading the way in this new gold rush revival, it seems that the tides of American monetary policy are finally beginning to turn back toward a more sustainable system. For the first time in 8 decades, 3 states have now legalized gold and silver again within less than 10 years and each intend to trade these timeless and precious metals in depositories of their own. All securely guarded from foreign invasion. This is why we need to start thinking how we can strengthen our states and use our tax system more responsibly to fund our state guards. We’re going to need some common defense in our states.

All thanks to pioneering patriots like Ron Paul, there is a new gold rush revival happening now!! He speaks in this video about becoming interested in in monetary policy after Nixon ended the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1971 which had kept the nations dollar fixed to gold until that point in time. This was only 6 years after the coinage act of 1965 that also forced western mining states (and all states) to give up their silver and would end the minting of silver coins by 1970. JFK had signed an executive order to keep the dollar fixed to silver and keep the production and minting of silver coin in operation. He had stated in executive order 11110 (or line line line line circle) that the U.S. mint would continue to release silver dollar coins and half dollar coins, as well as nickels quarters and dimes which would all remain as silver coins. This was half a year before his assassination, and in less than 2 years, the Coinage Act of 1965 was passed by Congress.

Ron Paul also mentions how the inflation in the 70s was the worst it had ever been, which we have verified extensively in our video “The Value of The U.S. Dollar Behind The Curtain – Hidden Inflation” found here:

This radical period of inflation is not only reflected by the abandonment of silver and gold within our economy in the early 70s, but by the stripping of all but 2.5% of the copper in our pennies which took place in 1982. Now America has gone so broke their planning to strip our nation penniless and enforce a cryptocurrency slave era as the final step in unleashing their sinister plans for one world communism where they can use robots to systematically reduce the human population they deem as excess waste.

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America’s Gold is Being Hoarded by the Federal Reserve!!!

An inside view of much of our nations wealth which was illegally criminalized by an act of treason in 1933 known as Executive Order 6102. This was in clear violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution; and for good cause! It’s noted in this documentary that only dollar bills lose their value. The value of a precious metal by weight never changes. Based on this knowledge, when viewing the latest debt calculations held by the public and found on the National Treasury’s website, the Federal Reserve owes each American citizen roughly $64,000. Much of that is in gold and silver. This has everything to do with why Britain voted to leave the EU by means of referendum.

The deepest hole on Earth is for gold extraction. It is 2 miles deep. It’s noted in EO 6102 that the act may be revoked at any time, and states like Utah, Arizona and Texas are finally catching on. It’s time for a true gold rush revival across the west and the nation as a whole. Pray that we may free ourselves once more from despotism and identify the 5th plank of communism here in the U.S. as an evil, not a blessing. Remember that the point in seizing the nation’s gold originally was to promote economic growth by preventing anyone from hoarding the metal……

The shift in the dow in 1907 only effected investors on wall street and created an over-exaggerated panic that didn’t last over three weeks but was dramatically publicized in order to promote the creation of the Federal Reserve which was passed into law the same year as Income tax, which is the 2nd plank of Communism. Inheritance tax was permanently implemented in the United states just 3 years later which is the 3rd plank of communism. The Food and Drug act of 1906 brought federal government control of farms nationwide and is what shifted the dow in 1907. This was an age where anyone could previously develop land and be free. After the FDA was created in 1906, which clearly shifted the stock market, farmers who would rebel against the federal overthrow and nationalization of the food and drug market by not registering their activities with the administration would have their property confiscated. This is outlined clearly as the 4th plank of communism. The year after the gold seizures of 1933 under executive authority of Franklin Roosevelt, the administration passed the Communications Act of 1934 which established the FCC. This officially implemented the 6th plank of communism upon the American people: national control of communication. This would make it easier to incrementally implement all of the 10 planks of communism upon the American people in full force. An agenda that once totally achieved, there will be no escaping from within and no one to save us from outside.

We are 20 years away or less from losing all control over our own destiny if more states don’t start to follow the model which Utah, Arizona and Texas have now laid forth within less than a decade for the first time in over 80 years in America. The most strategic states to be the next to legalize gold and silver as tender and create their own precious metal depositories are New Mexico and Idaho. Then, there will be a connected network of states from Canada to Mexico that are willing to acknowledge trade in gold and silver again. A force shield to repel the invasive eastern powers which don’t want the west to grow into the power house it was designed to become. The banking cartel in NY and their endless supply of pawns in D.C. This can buy us the time we need to reform our system one state at a time before the American people are stripped penniless and forced to adapt to a fictional credit system which they call “cryptocurrency” but will soon be revealed as an ancient slave system that’s been updated with all of our modern technology.

All credit for this documentary goes to National Geographic.


Pocket Guide to Freedom & Jury Handbook (2019)

In dedication to the declaration of independence and the American revolution, the pocket guide to freedom & jury handbook offers alternative insights into history, economic, legal and cultural issues as well as simple alternatives to avoid a foreseeable humanitarian, political and economic crisis.
It reveals a hidden plot to “manifest the dark lord’s will upon this Earth” and how it’s being achieved.

Learn about the upcoming 20+ year political battle for liberty as we enter the 2020s and a blueprint for action which must be initiated by and for the people in order to succeed in reclaiming sovereignty.
Learn how, together, we can make historical tax repeal a real deal!
“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do!” ~ Everett Hale
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” ~ George Orwell


There’s a Pile of Gold in Manhattan – Texas Wants It Back

This clip came out in 2015 after the Army’s Jade Helm 15 exercise. The beginning of the historic H.B. 483.


Largest Tax Repeal In Washington State History! (I-1658 EXCISE TAX REPEAL)

If passed, this reform will increase the amount of available jobs by 2 times, easily fixing the growing homeless and unemployment problem which we’re seeing in Washington State and effectively lowering the cost of living by a minimum of 25% for all individuals!

This initiative is an essential step to restoring American freedom within Washington State and it’s vital economy! First, I-1658 must get on the ballot. This video clearly explains how anyone can play an important role in helping that to happen!

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It’s time to take a stand for the children who deserve more than to suffer in a communist dystopia! Massive thanks to all those who will participate! God bless you all!


The “Green New Deal” ~ History of the Dollar!


From the Satanic statue now erected outside the capital building of Arkansas, to the “red flag” laws which are spreading to illegally disarm the American citizenry, to Bena 48 as the new messiah for humanity & full scale socialism introduced as the green new deal at the same time that the national debt capped $66,666.6666 per citizen & all money is being digitized onto RFID GPS chips, the signs of the end are engulfing our world. Will humanity evolve consciously to fix the problems that are causing them to regress, or have we been drugged on pharmaceuticals & hypnotized by TV for too long to escape an apocalyptic destiny enshrouded in widespread madness which leads us to Armageddon?



Britain is now once again a sovereign state thanks to a referendum which was led by Nigel Farage and passed by the voters of Britain! This video highlights the relationship between currency and the #BREXIT movement which is being intentionally ignored by mainstream media, as well as the similarities between American and European states in the timeless struggle for sovereignty to preserve prosperity for the citizens and protection from the inevitable tyranny of oppressive, empirical central unions. This video acknowledges a brief summary of weights and measures to serve as a glimpse into the basics of economics, and the unanimous declaration of the original 13 united states of America. “A decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” “. . . These united colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent states . . . and that as free and independent states, they have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do.”


$15 Per Hour Minimum Wage ~ The Cure to Poverty?

An immediate spike in inflation & a loss in employment opportunities are two effects of dramatically raising the minimum wage which leaves small businesses closing shop as large corporations swoop in to replace them. Seattle raised it’s minimum wage to $15 per hour & now has a higher homeless population than it’s ever had & more than most cities in the United States.


The Value of The U.S. Dollar Behind The Curtain! – Hidden Inflation!



This information is some of the most important to realize about our culture, society & it’s compulsory education curriculum! The General Education Board & the Dept. of Education are discussed. The video covers “A vision of the remedy” from “The Country School of To-morrow” – A book written by Frederick Taylor Gates in 1913 about the General Education Board in which he was a primary chairman.