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CIA OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD – 2019 / Mainstream Media Still A Puppet Show!

This video shows how CIA OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD continues into the new age!
The CIA: Distorting the truth worldwide to pull us into wars; to get us on their side & to steal our $ once more.

The beginning features what is known as The Church Committee; chaired by Frank Church in 1975!
With the CIA openly influencing mainstream news and the FCC regulating messages that they don’t want broadcasted off of the TV and radio such as 3rd party presidential debates that are only broadcasted on foreign news stations like RT, the government has facilitated a propaganda campaign in an attempt to control public opinion for almost a century so that we’re all too hypnotized to see our country corroding before us. The FBI’s “cointelpro” operation was also used to influence public opinion –

MAGA Hats @ Covington / Government Shutdown 2019 / March For Life! #SOTU

White babies are accused of being the “biggest terrorists on the face of the Earth.”
MSM stands by the accusation and declares war against MAGA!


This information is some of the most important to realize about our culture, society & it’s compulsory education curriculum! The General Education Board & the Dept. of Education are discussed. The video covers “A vision of the remedy” from “The Country School of To-morrow” – A book written by Frederick Taylor Gates in 1913 about the General Education Board in which he was a primary chairman.


As the nation is distracted with fake news, social fears and their selfish desires, a full scale genocidal overthrow of human civilization is being prepared by new age Satanic death cults who are achieving their vision for galactic domination following the designed collapse of our economy with the help of our government which funds the entire plan.

“Killer robots are coming” and they will be in police uniform! Will we use our eyes to see the truth before it is too late for us? See full video:…

It’s Official ~ SPEECH CRIME on TRIAL!!

Top law schools like New York Law School, nationally recognized civil advocacy groups like the Human Rights Institute and the American Civil Liberties Union, major universities like Cambridge & Nottingham, and elitist foundations like the Open Society Foundation are all fiercely advocating for widespread international censorship of political speech which they disagree with. These are the types of people who want to ban your books and mandate theirs in communist compulsory education camps which we call schools. Brainwashing kids at the youngest ages that offensive speech is a legitimate offense that will be prosecuted in their new world order slave system.
Wake up Americans and freedom fighters! The United Nations will be the downfall of United States.
Originally uploaded on 1st channel in 2017. Full video available on





More Proof for Deniers!

Biological Warfare & Fluoride

An introduction to the government’s widespread biological warfare operations and it’s refusal to stop knowingly poisoning the citizens it claims to serve and protect with the resources it takes from them by force. Proof is in the links below.
This was from of a video posted on March 15th, 2018 on my 1st channel.

Congresswoman of WA State Blocks Illegal Toll – Saves Working Commuters Billions in Time & $ !_!

Older video – Still happening

On behalf of hundreds of thousands of commuters and tens of millions of Washingtonians and Oregonians, as well as anyone else traveling over the Columbia River, Jaime Herrera Beutler, representing South West Washington, has successfully fought off a gang of east coasters hellbent on nationalizing all transportation and bringing migration to an absolute standstill at the expense of all free humans in order to implement the 6th plank of communism for total control of the population. A profitable business for slave masters and doom for the collective! None of the bias news run locally by the Democrats will cover this heinous and sadistic attempt to discreetly set up a toll on the I-5 bridge to implement an all out shut down of migration during rush hour, intentionally backing up traffic for miles more than it already is & causing hard workers to take an extra hour to get to work in the mornings and to be with their families in the evenings so they can collect billions of more dollars from hard working people. All under the guise of aiding traffic congestion…………. They will stop @ nothing, & are trying this again this year. Will we allow this blatant theft and corruption?

Hero of WA State Defeats Seattle’s Income Tax & Runs for Senate!

This amazing leader and her allies and followers have already defeated the Seattle city council when they attempted to enforce an illegal income tax! Between her, Jaime Beutler and other Republicans in western WA (the heart of the democrat population) we are seeing a very real turn in the political tides of WA state. Over 13 local media outlets are paid off to say nothing about this shift and to slander these leaders who truly represent the working people of our great state! Still, as the real patriots become more and more organized as we’ve seen in the recent “give me liberty or give me death” rally in Seattle led by the Patriot Prayer group, the tides are turning. Let us pray that we the people can restore our republic from these insane predators like Maria Cantwell who want a state income tax and a carbon tax when workers already pay a minimum of 1/3 of the money they earn to government between state and federal by means of income, retail, and all the excise taxes in between. The tax we’re dealing with today should be ruled illegal under the 8th amendment “excessive fines” clause of our constitution! Lord help us. Vote for Susan Hutchison!


In this video we reveal the hidden agenda behind the feminist conspiracy and more.

The Future of National Health-Care & Globalization

These are clips from a video on my first channel which got blocked from 3 countries. When we say they’re gonna inject the kids with drug bubbles to control them with a remote and drain the blood from our necks like vampires when we’re injured so the robots can dissect us in the name of health, we’re not joking.

Immortality is the most ancient con in human history and we’re still falling for it. Though this may be the last time because human police, doctors and engineers will be replaced by robots who will give us the orders in 20 years according to these modern scientists.

In a world where freedom is slavery, war is peace, and truth is ignorance, death will become life. To become immortal, we first have to die!

Brain Factory: Must watch

Clips from zdfe.unscripted entertainment & Discovery Channel.

Notice on the link below that AI “companions” were outlined as the fourth point of the Satanic 5 point program for pentagonal revisionism.


DARPA Tracking Chips Will Be Forced Into Human Brains ~ NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT!!

As Democrats stimulate elementary arguments to keep the child-like population bickering about useless distractions from all that is really happening, a new Satanic “trans-religion” is growing which aims to replace humans with robots. If the population doesn’t start to use internet to learn about how we can restore our economy and independence then humans will be chipped within less than 30 years and all their “credit” will be on implanted microchips. We will lose all free choice as mass democide and dictatorship become the new “health-care” plan.

One thing’s for sure: With hundreds of articles and documentaries about this for years on almost every educational magazine and TV station, people who deny this technological revolution and the inherent dangers are completely blind and as primitive as birds from the amazon jungle for parroting nonsense about how Alex Jones made this all up. If we don’t wake up until the day when this becomes an undeniable wide-spread reality, it will be too late.

Election Hacking & Voting Machines

With more states adopting voting machines that have been proven to be corruptible since the early 2000s, it’s impossible to know how accurate our vote counting is. If voting machines were the national discussion for the last two years instead of Russia, maybe real security measures would actually be taken to truly secure our election process.

DOJ Mueller Investigation of Trump / Russia Is Over!

The Mueller report has been analyzed for 2 years by the Department of Justice and due to containing a lack of evidence that the President’s administration colluded with Russia to hack the United States elections in 2016, the report indicates nothing other than that Robert Mueller had a conflict of interest and is a waste of tax payer’s time and resources.

RoundUp Lawsuits Now Exceeding 2.5 Billion Dollars!

Monsanto RoundUp Lawsuits Unfold + Chickweed Is Your Friend!

According to Monsanto there’s something wrong with you if you don’t want to poison the air and soil to turn a diverse, healthy and abundant landscape into a barren, desolate and lifeless flat space.

Now, science has linked their RoundUp weedkiller to several different types of cancer in humans. Should we be surprised? Lawsuits are now unfolding for billions of dollars.

If you have cancer and have used or been significantly exposed to RoundUp, contact qualified lawyers about potential compensation:

Cancer in extended rat studies leads countries to ban BT GMO varieties:–cause-organ-damage-early-death-humans.html

Christchurch New Zealand Shooter Brenton Tarrant ~ Truth Lamestream Media Won’t Touch!

Lamestream news is beyond a disgrace to our country.
“Main-stream Media” never talks about the truth that matters most!
The truth is more dire now than ever!

Employment Rates Rise ~ 2nd Amendment Saves Lives

Communism & The Socialist Republic of North America

A contribution to one year of media – the purpose is explained.

Faith vs. Tyranny – British Police Arrest Christian Preacher!


Planned Parenthood Going Out of Business?? ~ Abortion Laws Polarize

A new pro-life backlash @ socialist’s plans to collect tax for late term abortions under the guise of “health care” is sweeping the nation one state at a time!
Pro-life & anti-life perspectives are examined as factors for the recent polarization regarding abortion laws.

White Genocide Is No Longer A Theory! South Africa Prepares For Civil War!

Should Donald Trump send soldiers into South Africa if the government decides to expropriate white farmer’s land without compensation? Watch the full video and decide for yourself!

Muslims Declare Sharia Law Upon The World (BANNED BY GOOGLE)

Gang Rapes Out of Control After Invasion of Europe (BANNED BY GOOGLE)

Originally posted by the channel “No Return” that is now banned by Youtube.

Islamophobia in the West & Asia ~ Why??

DON’T MISS a chance to hear a new exclusive interview with Luai Ahmed, a real refugee from Yemen living in Europe, about the reality of sharia law in Islamic culture, the Quran and Wahhabism here:

Is “Islamophobia” a term invented to divert focus away from statistics involving ethnicity and religious affiliation regarding rapes and terror attacks around the world?
With Buddhists now labelled as some of the highest offenders of the modern and brave new 2019 era speech crime laws, an introspective look at why such a historically peaceful culture is on trial has become necessary.

Border Emergency ~ Out of Control!

3rd & Final Strike Against Americans Is Imminent (Blueprint for Action)

The Right To Be Radical

Apparently some illiterate tools claim that I’m making up history by saying that America was a movement which had intended to end slavery since the beginning of it’s creation. For all who could be so foolish, before commenting, read the original drafts which are archived by the government.

The Truth About The 911 Cover Up!

Today we recall the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, and expose what the mainstream media and the 911 commission has intentionally ignored for 17 years today. This is a tribute to those who lost their lives and all Americans who care about the truth, our children and our great country which is under siege by threats that most don’t yet recognize.

Is Mainstream Media Destined to Collapse?? Recent Statistics Say Yes!

There are endless media sources which reveal the current downfall of the media empire as Americans have known it for generations. Thank the heavens! Those who want dictatorship are growing fearful of their loss of power and trying everything short of presidential assassination.
Finally humanity is awakening! Is it too late?

Included is an excerpt about psychology.
Our time to strike is upon us!

Making the CIA Watch-List

Clipped from a 2017 video on my 1st channel.

Why I’m A Liberal Feminist

George Orwell predicted in 1949 there would be a new language called “newspeak” which would be comprised of English words but with different definitions ascribed to them for the purpose of causing society to forget the original English language which was to be called “oldspeak.”
Although this was prophecized in the fictional book “1984,” his prophecies were based on observation of the real world and are becoming true before our eyes.

The state and it’s worshipers are changing the definition of English words on a daily basis and this video is to remind people of the true definitions of two particular words – “Liberal” and “feminist.”

Why Trump Will Win 2020 Elections

Largest % of tax savings go to the poor and working families.
Third world war is miraculously avoided.
Stand is taken against foreign invasion.
Culture war is now being fought on both sides!

Hopefully, the nation is finally waking up to the communism that plagues our country and men will act to preserve the values that made America the greatest revolution in history.