Nature’s Pharmacy

Nature’s Pharmacy is a new monologue featured on Awareness Network to encourage a healthy diet by educating about the amazing and hidden power of foods. The series is about molecular biochemistry as particularly pertaining to the science of nutrition. Absorbing the power of the Earth is the only way to guard against the hostile force of it’s elements and embrace the miraculous healing nature of our bodies and minds!


As I learned in survival training, Usnea is a must learn for all survivalists. Different varieties grow across the northern hemisphere but it is extremely common within the pacific northwest. It can also easily be bought for $5 per ounce (dried) which is very cheap for such an effective medicine. For any serious bacterial, microbial (viral) or fungal infection, this is a must have. Be prepared. Don’t be a victim of the corruption and misinformation of the FDA, CDC & WHO! I have personally used this to effectively fight bronchitis several times. It works! Given that it is so powerful, however, know that if you ingest it in severely highly amounts you can damage your kidneys and liver. This is a real medicine. It will cure deadly bacterial, microbial and fungal diseases. It can even be used for external infections. Still, always remember to clean any wound thoroughly.

This is actually from an older video from my first channel which has had videos entirely removed by youtube for violating terms of service, as has this channel.

Similar lichens can be gathered from trees in states as far as Florida. See this video about “Spanish Moss” (Tillandsia usneoides) by Kaylee Holz

Nutrient Enhancement (Golden Spice + Piperine)

A critical look @ how a little spice will extend a life!
Manganese is also discussed.

Turmeric (Contains Curcumin)

Black Pepper (Contains Piperine)

Piperine & Curcumin

Respiratory Health (Triterpenoids + Carotenoids)

This episode covers the amazing benefits of winter squash, apples & more!

Apples & Triterpenoids

Winter Squash & Carotenoids

Vitamin A + Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Skeletal Health (Minerals + Vitamin K)

An extensive look at critical dietary properties for strong bones, ligaments, tendons, tissue and cells including in the brain! Cheers to skeletal integrity!






Vitamin K


Public school and the dairy industry left everyone already convinced about calcium being important for bones. I don’t think anyone needs government records to be convinced. They absolutely exist. Thanks for watching!

Skin Health

Essential fatty acids, polyphenols, CoQ10, vitamins A, B7, C, D, E, F, & K as well as minerals including copper, zinc & selenium are discussed as beneficial nutrients for skin health.

Seeds (ex: sunflower) and nuts (ex: cashews) can be great in stir-fry when finely chopped as opposed to blended into powder which is also great for stir-fry as well as breading mixtures.

My favorite part of this lesson was learning that carrots are not only powerful for maintaining vision but that the unique vision-promoting carotenoids in carrots, which are wonderfully inexpensive and delicious with literally anything, are also a vital contributor to healthy & resilient skin!

Vitamins & Melanoma

Phytonutrients in Skin Health

Micronutrients in Skin Health & Function

Polyphenols as Dietary Antioxidants in Human Health & Disease

Nutrition & Skin Aging

Essential Fatty Acids (Vitamin F)

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More exciting videos about nutrition science will be made in the future to complete this series!